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The company " Dionis Club " has been based in 1994 as the manufacturer Moldavian and Georgian wines. Now " Dionis the Club " is the group of the companies consisting from two modern wine-making enterprises in Georgia and Moldova and trading at home in Russia. Besides Georgian and Moldavian wines the company has in assortment Hungarian fault, vodka " Pure test", champagne, liquor "Creamfield."

The purpose of the company - to provide consumers with the high-quality wines made on modern technologies and past strict quality assurance. For its performance The company has

decided to proceed to vertical integration. With this purpose in 1998 under the control of the company " Dionis Club " construction of a wine factory " Tiflissky Wine Pogreb " in Georgia has been initiated, and in the middle of 2001 within the framework of development of the production program under the control of the company " Dionis Club " construction of a new factory of the full cycle "AurVin" located in the south of Moldova, near to settlement Vulkaneshty has come to the end. These enterprises are one of the advanced and technologically equipped on territory of the East Europe.

The exclusive distributor of the company " Dionis the Club " in territory of Russia is the Trading House " Dionis Club MOSCOW TIME ". The head office of the Trading House " Dionis Club " is in Moscow, branches in the cities of Saint Petersburgs and Samara, in all regions of Russia is generated advanced distributive network.

It has allowed the company to leave by 2001 in leaders in a segment of Moldavian wines, and then in segments of the Georgian and Hungarian faults. For today " Dionis Club " the leader in these segments, a share of the market (the given companies " Business Analytics "):
Fault of Moldova - 16,1 %,

Fault of Georgia - 21,3 %,
Fault of Hungary - 61,0 %

Fault of a recreation center have won about 50 medals and diplomas on various degustative competitions and professional exhibitions, as in Russia, and abroad. In January, 2002 the National alcoholic association of Russia on solemn ceremony " Leaders of the Russian alcoholic market on results of 2001 " has recognized company of Open Company " Trading House " Dionis Club MOSCOW TIME " as the leader in a nomination " Manufacture and distribution wine-making production ". Besides it to the company " Dionis the Club " has been handed the diploma for creation of the most popular trade mark DIONIS CLUB in the market of wine-making production.

Production of the company " Dionis Club " is submitted in Ukraine, in the Baltics, Kazakhstan, Germany and the USA.


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