The winery "Tiflis's Wine Cellar" was founded in 1999 in Georgia. The volume investment, attracted company "Dionis Club", in construction and equipping the plant has formed 5 000 000 $. Into structure of a factory enter: the basic industrial complex located in the Tbilisi area Lilo, and two factories on primary processing grapes in strategic areas of Georgia ("Velistsihe" in Kakhetii and "Hvanchkara" in Rache-Lechhumi). The basic purpose of such organizational structure consists in the maximal approach of primary processing a raw-material base.

Winery "Tiflis's Wine Cellar" and primary items of processing of grapes are equipped with the advanced equipment from Italy, Germany, France the press

equipment, lamellar, alluvial, vacuum and membran filters, matserators centrifuges, technological tanks (from stainless steel and enameled), oak flanks of the French manufacture for endurance of vintage wines and many other things. At a factory there is the powerful cold-compressor facilities, allowing to support in thermoses-tanks a temperature mode about 0°C. Also at a factory the largest in Georgia (the general capacity of 1,5 million litres) for manufacture of the most popular naturally-semisweet Georgian wines. In wine vault the stable temperature 11-14°C is supported, that allows to create optimum conditions for storage of high-quality wines. Besides it in special basement branch of storehouse at a factory the endurance of vintage wines in oak flanks which every year replenish with new bookmarks of faults is carried out.

In 2001 the factory has established a new modern line of cold sterile pouring of Italian firm " Bertolazo ", productivity of 6 thousand bottles at an o'clock.

The modern control system of quality developed and introduced at a factory, allows to provide a high level of let out production constantly. The strict control is carried out at all stages: from purchase of grapes before shipment of finished goods from the enterprise. The control is carried out due to use of modern tool methods of the analysis of industrial laboratory.

"Tiflis's wine Cellar" has own branch line, that considerably simplifies cargo handling and transport works and the fault minimizes risks on temperature modes of storage and transportation.

At a factory highly skilled Georgian experts in co-operation with the technologist from Germany work. Such combination is dictated by necessity of the careful attitude to traditional technology and to its perfection on the basis of last achievements to a wine-making science.

The main sales market for factory is russian market, in particular Moscow. Our products are also delivered on Ukraine, in Kazakhstan, in Baltic states, Germany and USA. The factory releases vintage wines, and also brand wines in three serieses: series "Veli" & "Kurapalat" - inexpensive wines, series "Gruzinskie zametki" - a wine for average price segment and series "Kartuli Vasi" & "Putevie zametki" - an expensive wines.

In spite of relatively small period to activity "Tiflis's Wine Cellar", products of the factory has already conquered popularity beside russian consumers - on different contests our wines has got over 60 high awards, from which more than halfs are gold value.

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